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About Us
Among the differences that set Sun Valley Closet Company apart:

At Sun Valley Closet Company materials and components are top-of-the-line. From drawer slides that extend fully to rods made of solid chrome, each detail is chosen to deliver pleasure and performance for years to come.

Every job is individually designed, precisely measured and cut-to-order in our shop in Bellevue. We use no pre-fabricated pieces or off-the-shelf solutions shipped from out-of-state.

We can build anything -- and do. It's a process that begins by listening carefully to client needs, and designing based around their lifestyle and preferences. No two closets are alike because no two clients are.

Want to add shelving at the last minute? Re-configure space as your child grows? No problem. At any state of the process -- even years later -- Sun Valley Closet Company can easily modify our plans to suit your needs.
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