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Frequently Asked Questions
If you do not see your specific question answered below, please contact us and we will contact you with the answer.
Question:What makes Sun Valley Closet Company different?
Answer:We pride ourselves in the quality and precision of our work, as well as the flexibility of our custom designs. Nothing is out of the box. Everything we do is job specific.
Question:How is a custom closet different from the systems I can buy off-the-shelf?
Answer:Off-the-shelf products available at hardware stores serve a useful purpose for some, but a custom closet is truly designed to reflect your needs and accommodate your personal items. And each of us is so unique! It's the difference between fitting your stuff into an existing standard design vs. having the design fit you.
Question:How do you arrive at the perfect design?
Answer:The "perfect" design is one that really answers your needs, so I begin by carefully measuring your space, assessing the amount you need to store, and asking questions about your preferences. Do you need drawers or prefer roll-out baskets? Do you hang your pants or fold them over? It's a matter of discovering exactly what you need.
Question:Do you do small jobs?
Answer:We will design and price any closet, and we take pride in all jobs, big or small.
Question:Once the design is finalized, how long does it take to build and install?
Answer:Depending on color choice (some special colors and wood grains require 4-6 weeks to receive) and overall size, small closets can be completed in as little as three days. Larger, more complicated closets may take up to ten days. Lead times are difficult to predict, based on our work flow, but you can be sure you will always get an honest answer.
Question:Does your price include installation?
Answer:Yes, all prices include complete and professional installation, and all products and workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own your home.
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