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Our Process
Our process begins early on, preferably at the blueprint stage for new residences. The sooner I have the opportunity to review your plans and space, the more helpful I can be in shaping the best designs. I like to get started by learning all I can about your lifestyle, needs and preferences when it comes to storage. Do you hang pants straight or fold them? How many long dresses and ski suits do you have? How many half-hanging items such as sweaters, blouses, and jackets? Do you prefer open shelving? Drawers or roll-out baskets? The goal is to discover exactly what you need to get out of each closet or garage space, so that I can build the solution that perfectly suits you.

After carefully measuring your space and determining your needs, I’ll prepare a preliminary design and complimentary estimate. I use Auto CAD computer software to create a plan view (from the ceiling) and elevations (a view of each wall), all color-matched for easy reading. We can then work together to modify the space further, stretching certain dimensions, tightening others. All proposals are priced so everyone can see the exact costs at every stage. You’ll also have a wide range of laminate colors and patterns, as well as finishing details and accessories to choose from [link here], enabling you to complement the look and feel of your house down to the last detail.

After a design, budget and material choices are made, construction begins. We cut all closet parts to size in our fully-equipped shop in Hailey– very little cutting is done on site. Each edge is banded and the end panels are line-bored in preparation for delivery.

All prices included complete and professional installation. In the case of new construction, the timing of our installation is usually coordinated at the convenience of the homeowner or the contractor. Closets are usually installed after the final coat of paint, after the case and base and been installed, and just prior to the carpeting. However, our closets can be installed after any floor covering is laid, as we have an 8” clearance above the finished floor.

Immaculate. All pieces are wiped clean upon completion. Feel free to hang your clothes or fold them into drawers that same day.
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